Saturday, March 14, 2009

Uncle Creepys favorite band.

Dear Uncle Creepy, it's been years
Morbid fantasy exterminates my childhood fears
Dear Uncle Creepy, how can it be?
Some of the crap that's out these days
is such a bore to me

Dear Uncle Creepy...

The shit they call "horror" in the comic store
Nobody's got that style anymore!
Pre-code classics provide the chills
This high-tech bullshit never will!
As far as movies are concerned,
There's a plenty out that should be burned
The horror's gone, big budget's here
Whatever happened to the meaning of FEAR????

Dear Uncle Creepy, it's a crying shame
The "terror" of the 90's is so fucking LAME!!
Whatever happened to the good ol' days
Has you and Cousin Eerie turning in your graves!

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